Sara Favriau convokes forms, symbols and processes of a popular nature to transpose them, and through which sculptures, installations, performances are in dialogue: a hut, a dugout, a bow, a tree, voguing… are elements that are part of her formal and conceptual vocabulary and carry their own dramaturgy, their poetic enactment. It is an encounter between past, present and future that Sara Favriau has been developing for years. How the past and its heritage, linked to progress and discovery, how these three temporalities, their specific methods, can be – by their pooling – singular. This crossbreeding is at the heart of her intentions: to interweave metamorphosis, fiction, and essay, according to a simple form. According to essential actions, like a tree that crosses a sea to find a forest. How to branch out, to reveal invisibility, so that it becomes a medium, through which expression is renewed. A virtuous mixture that she also approaches with humor, whose poetic form, which is dear to her even in the titles of the works, is a force of proposal.