Miel - sara favriau


Miel (honey) – 2019 – exhibition view, Lace Gallery – Paroxysm of sublime – FLAX, Los Angeles , USA

Miel, makes various allusions and references, as much in the field of art history (J. Beuys), as in that of geographical history (the conquest of the West), or contemporary anthropology (Modernism – Animism – Totemism), and finally the field of the history of science (Darwin’s concept of natural selection, with the observation, by the Birch tree, of the evolution of the moth – butterfly).

Its form is first of all an installation, inside which there are seven works and whose transport crates, which contained and transported the works, also serve as support bases. Autonomous, the work Miel is a luggage work. The transport crates keep the traces of the round trip (customs, impacts) of the exhibition in Los Angeles. The dominant species of the installation is Birch. This species is declined and found in almost each of the works and the transport crates, which are made of Birch plywood : The essence becomes a use.

Une voix béante, un genre tandem. C’était la paix (A gaping voice, a tandem genus. It was peace.) – Birch, birch plywood, linen felt, olive tree – varying dimension

Colonies – Rolls of birch bark and felt in olive branch – Olive tree, birch, felt, brass – varying dimension

La poule (the hen) – Olive branch, birch, brass, lead, ebony, boxwood, bone, marble – varying dimension

Les consciences partielles (Partial consciences) – Birch, linen felt, brass, rope – varying dimension / Sans fautes (flawless) – Holly.

Sans titre (untitled) – Birch, hemp, brass, lead -Varying dimension.



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