Par terre une saison bleuie et une lame damassée - sara favriau

Par terre une saison bleuie et une lame damassée

Par terre une saison bleuie et une lame damassée – 2021 – Performance in the Mediterranean Sea – Villa Noailles & Fondation Carmignac – A tree sails from a peninsula to an island – from a continental forest to an island forest – 4 miles away. From the port of Niel to the peninsula of Giens, to the island of Porquerolles – This vulnerable boat simultaneously embodies the cohesion that exists between apprehension and exploration. The log, hollowed out from the inside, is not carved into the fuselage of a boat hull, the bark of the tree trunk is preserved. The tree remains raw. The wood species, the Cedar, is a heritage species of the Mediterranean coast landscape. The cedar is also a species found throughout the world. In partnership with the CNAP, the Artists’ Foundation, the INRAe Avignon, the ONF, the Association of Mediterranean forests, the Salins des Pesquiers, BIP la Partègue.

A pirogue-tree goes to sea to join an island forest from the mainland. The sculpture is inspired by a va’a pirogue. A Polynesian skiff: a familiar element that appeals to two imaginations. One is popular (the pirogue), the other is chimerical (a tree that sails). Together, they evoke the eternal character of transhumance. The very simple idea of the pirogue is close to that of an expedition navigation, but of fortune, like the raft. 

His navigation symbolically combines the two lungs of the Earth: the oxygen produced by the sea and the CO2 absorbed by the trees of the forests. On this island, a new but still patrimonial and original environment awaits him. By this first navigation, the dugout as the tree, that is to say the man and the nature, are in perpetual reminiscence, like the sea.  

The challenge of selecting a local species (the Atlas cedar), resilient, is a source of hope. Indeed, the action, I hope, of sailing on a tree, wishes to deliver a symbolic message of simplicity and living, in every sense of the word. The cedar log comes from a forest in Castres (Forêt domaniale des Soulanes De Nore). It is a species that can be found both on the mainland coast and on the island of Porquerolles. It is also the tree mentioned in a -Colombian myth about the «beginning of the world» and the creation of the Atrato. River that waters the city of Quibdò. Likewise, the cedar is in the line of sight of the DSF (Department of Forest Health) because it presents resilient factors against pathogens, drought and climate change. It is therefore both an emblematic species of the Mediterranean and a possible emblem to resist the devastation of forests. On the ground a blue season and a damask blade is first of all a tribute to the living.

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