grandir amplement - sara favriau

grandir amplement

grandir amplement // (largely growing) – 2016 – exhibition view Le Silo, L’échangeur CDC – ephemeral sculpture / 2 tons of compressed plaster powder and whitewash – 260 x 120 x 40 cm



Destruction of the work to largely growing
The wall of « volatile » powder of plaster and lime, is irrationally erected. The temporality of an exhibition allowed it to freeze, absorbing the ambient humidity. This video is also a combination of the absurd and a questioning about the durability of the work of art. This compacted powder wall, surprisingly erected, like a chalk cliff, will recover its original state using the same principle that allowed it to be built. They are 2 tons of powders ploughed with blades and mass blows – a rudimentary system in both design and destruction







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