la redite en somme, ne s’amuse pas de sa répétition singulière - sara favriau

la redite en somme, ne s’amuse pas de sa répétition singulière

la redite en somme, ne s’amuse pas de sa répétition singulière – 2016 – vue d’exposition Palais de Tokyo – bois Douglas, dimension variable  // (To sum up, repetition does not delight in singular reiteration) – exhibition view Palais de Tokyo – Composed of an installation of 5 sculptures-cabins, like a kind of primitive white cubes, these cabins have hosted works from different disciplines (comics, Costumes, Wigs, writing, plastic arts); it is a work around the exterior and interior of the artwork. Sculpture here is not only a volume, it is also a void ready to receive. While their facture recalls ancestral techniques of sculpture, their cubic forms evoke contemporary exhibition spaces. White and empty galleries supposed to allow the autonomy of the exhibited work of art. Conversely, an interdependence is created between the work and its support. Thus, the installation is at the same time a monumental sculpture and a series of pedestals and picture rails, a work of art, as much as the support of an exhibition / The approach also consists in transforming a personal invitation into a collective invitation, to open the fields of creation to other fields than that of the plastic arts. This posture, in fact, questions the curatorial approach and thus that of the fields of creation; a collaborative transdisciplinarity in short, which I always pursue in my work – Douglas , dimensions variables. // (© André Morin)

Guest artists for the duration of the exhibition -// Artists : Fabien Saleil & Pia Rondé – Marine Class – Charles Henry Fertin – Jean-Michel Alberola // Session 1 – Curator : Sara Favriau // Artists : Julie Abravanel – Cécile Beau – Yasmina Benabderrahmane – Solenne Capmas – Charlotte Charbonnel – Coraline de Chiara – Mijin Kim – Fanny Michaëlis – Jérémie Paul – Benoît Piéron – Nathalie Régior // Session 2 – Curator : Cécile Welker // Artists : Lyes Hammadouche – Tomek Jarolim – Quentin Lefranc – Cyprien Parvex de Collombey

Charlotte Charbonnel – Fanny Michaelis – Cécile Beau – Pia Ronde – Mijin Kim

Jérémie Paul – Solenne Capmas – Marine Class

Yasmina Benabderrahmane – Jérémie Paul – Benoît Piéron



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