tailler la marche - sara favriau

tailler la marche

tailler la marche (trim the step) – 2020 – Forest Festival of Ile de France – Set of interventions and sculptures in situ in the Forest of Fontainebleau – Scots pine, oak – Invited by the ONF (National Forestry Agency) for the Festival des Forêts d’Ile de France, I chose to divert this invitation into an invisible and discreet project, trying to be as close as possible to the forest. I worked on trees that had fallen to the ground and were standing but were dying, thus condemned to be cut down. Faced with this free field of action, I tried to respond with humility, while having transgressive gestures: working on trees still standing, that we represent as alive. The in situ interventions are scattered, they merge into the « environment ». The work is an immersion for the viewer who, by walking, gradually discovers six works drowned in 2000 m2 of a plot of land in the forest of Fontainebleau.

Following the example of Land Art which aestheticizes or sanctuarizes nature, it is a question, by these transgressions, of resurrection of trees (condemned). These trees are dying out as a result of climate change and drought. Tailoring the step, is an installation whose invisibility strikes when it is discovered. It points out the impermanence of the forest, the nature, consequently crystallizes the finitude. Paradoxically, it attempts, by denaturing it, to make it reborn – noticeably.

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