spectres etc. - sara favriau

spectres etc.

Spectres etc. (spectrums etc) – 2018 exhibition view, virgule, ou tout simplement brigands (Comma, or simply robbers)– CNEAI – Paris – plaster, varying dimension // (© CNEAI=)

les belles manières (beautiful manners)2018 – galaïne, bones, mother of pearl, boxwood, raffia, olive tree, rosewood, wenge, hemp, ebene, synthetic plaster – 4m2 // (© CNEAI=)

Contre-manifeste (counter-manifest) – 2018 – CNEAI – Voguing performance interspersed with a reading. Choreographed in collaboration with a Kid from a House – Charles Heranval – Taking of exhibition space during the opening by a silent cadenced march of 7 performers – This performance brought together 7 performers, to essentialize an American movement: Voguing. The performers took possession of 1000m2 of exhibition space during the opening through several forms of postures and steps. In this performance, some of the biases of voguing were taken up again, but were dismissed because they were taken out of their milieu: the nightclub. The performance took place during the opening and used the opening. Invaded by the multiplication of numerous guests, the march to take possession of the space revealed the irony of these appointments. To the march, again out of irony, to produce austerity and dogma, as opposed to the joyful but no less serious claims of the Voguing. The very simple action of walking, its movement, concentrated a sum of intertwined and in principle opposing problematics.



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